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A syndrome common to people who refuse to work for a living, who subsist primarily on food stamps and/or child support or public assistance. It occurs around the first of the month or anytime they recieve support funds which are usually blown within a 3 day period. The money is usually spent on candy, junk food, worthless trinkets, clothes and other pointless crap.
Shanika - Why is Shantel digging through the dumpster in front of the apartment complex?

Keisha - She got that 3 day millionaire syndrome and blowed all her stamps on Skittles, Slim Jims and Hot Cheetoes so now she gotta scrounge bottles and cans for the rest of the month to buy baby formula.

Shanika - That's a damn shame. She shoulda just bought real groceries and cook shit at home.
by Bongqueesha April 17, 2014
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