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A female was once blessed to have visited an elderly sage in the northern provinces of India. He was incredibly kind to share valuable knowledge regarding various issues pertaining to life, the world, the universe and his personal experience as a practicing mystic. Throughout the time they spent in the ashram, he sat in lotus position without moving a single muscle, apart from his lips while discoursing. His eyes remained closed for the entire duration spent in Gracious company. As she stood up to leave the prayer room, which was situated near a sacred altar, he opened his eyes and requested she remain seated cross legged on the ground. He carefully uncrossed his legs and slowly arose. From the sacred altar, he picked up three stones. He then resumed the lotus yogic position, closed his eyes once again and dropped the three stones in her hand. She peered down at them and visible on each was an inscription in Hindi. Unfortunately, Hindi was not a language which the female could read so she humbly asked the sage what was written on the three stones. He replied in Hindi "my child... you asked me before, how do i survive in this world. These stones are the answer." He must have sense the female's confusion because he smiled and continued to speak. "The three stones have three sacred words written on them; Peace, Love & Believe". Till this day, the female has kept those three wise stone and use them as a source of strength, love, peace, hope and belief.

Thank you dear, Sage.
Peace, love & believe - the 3 wise stones.

peace: a state of tranquillity or serenity
love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another
believe: to have confidence or faith in the truth
by 3wise.stones. June 14, 2010
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