I'm not saying the best ever as some people who only know a little about rap would say. But 2pac was an alltime great who was very influential and contributed a lot of hard work with strong emotion. Ever since the digital underground days his rhymes had a lot of character in them and he stood out more than shock g and money b. His rap style is very poetical and he covers a lot of emotions of a troubled lifestyle. I believe he was better at the time of 'me against the world', but was still ok on deathrow, some might not agree, but I feel deathrow fueled his style more into 'gangsta without a cause' than his political and real heartfelt style that was a better influence to our troubled societies we live in. And as a result, the 'thug life' image deathrow helped to escalate even further, was also his downfall. It was a sad day back in sept 96 when I heard he had passed away. I just thought, damn what a loss!. And sadly even pac knew his day was coming soon because of his life situation at the time. The good thing is, while he was in prison he got to write a lot of rhymes and also just before and after he was out he was known to just write lyrics in a short time not a lot of others could match. Theres a few 100 songs he still has and will be released in time. Lets just hope that whiteboy eminem doesn't try and produce anymore of them to appeal to the others(if you know what i mean!). 2pac was a role model for our struggling youth in the heart of the citys, and i don't mean these well off crackas with identity and sexuality crisis'. This was music for the REAL struggling society, not the wannabes who took it upon themselves to become false thugs portraying the image in their heads to fit the music in their ears. Most of them weren't fans and didn't know about tupac until after his death. A lot of people were in a confused state leaving themselves wondering and trying to convince others that ''he's still alive!'', that is how much of an impact he made. I did think that too until 97 when I thought it through properly and had to let it go. I mean people have gone so far and taken his lyrics out of context, he was referring to leaving the ghetto not the earths surface, he spoke of escapism of his 'thug life' wanting to get rich, people thought he died from his first shooting which ended in his undeserving arrest which is what he used to refer to and he always knew that his life would not be that long in the struggle. All of these conspiracy theories are weak and hold no weight to an argument which easily would result in ''pac is dead!''. I mean all this 7 bullshit has to stop, you are only fooling yourself and have too much time on your hands, let it rest!. ohhh, his barbers last digits are 223=7, his album had 14 tracks, divide it by 2=7, and it goes on.......GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP THIS 7 SHIT!! and all the other stuff, if you have anything to prove let me know and I will clarify it to your concience. I don't think any of you who claims he is alive have even read the REAL machiavellis books, and if you have, you would not question if pac is alive or not right now. But his spirit lives on and his music is here forever. I make music too, and we have a lot of things in todays studios, stuff to change the layers of your voice so you sound like someone else(e.g. pac, biggie, eminem...on and on), ways to chop sections of vocals from old songs and make them into new ones that sound completely different, computer programs that could make your CD cover look like you are standing in front of 100 real ferraris with gold teeth and bling that you don't have. ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. I have used all of these things when playing around in the studio and home. All eyez really are on suge knight for his death(smart people will feel me on this too) otherwise it could have just been gang related. People need to see that, normally when people die, they can't do anything else except for be dead and a dead person. Let us all just remember tupac for what he done and what is still unreleased for the future. Peace! 7 luv! lol
man1:Yo, that looks like 2pac with some hair and a beard over there who that guy is passing that bag to.
man2:Oh my god, it is man, so he's been living in that greenhouse all this time
man1:(Calls friends)-yo, you won't believe it! we seen 2pac nigga

later that day............

:This is a news bulletin:
news reporter:We are at the scene of a building thought to be abandoned for the last 9 years, we believe 2pac is here and will have full coverage for you.

building door opens-
''Yo, thuglife, BITCH!, R U STILL DOWN!''

Everybody watching-

######!!WORLD HAS A PARTY!!########

He was a great rapper with a big character and his spirit and music will live on forever!! unless that stupid white cracka eminem has the rights to produce all his work and ruins him completely.
Hardcore rapper......hits like "hit em up...ballet of a dead soldier...dear mr. president..etc

if you work out MAKEVELI you can make the words "I AM ALIVE" also MAKeVELI was a 16th century spanish dictator who faked death to escape his enemy's
Pac is 1 hardcore mo fo rapper
by Matt September 10, 2004
The greatest fuckin rapper ever and is still alive in mexico rakin in billiones off his records
Yo i just bought 2 pacs whole collection fo the 4th time and it still kick ass
by nickhizzlefoshizzle October 04, 2003
TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR .the motherfuckin greatest rapper of all times .the 24/7 thuglifer. the best son a mother could ever have .the best Lyricist on this fucking globe .

to this date 2pac's unreleased material is gettin released through amaru records,shows how much he worked hard in the studio. he was representing thug life, he was livin dat shit 24/7 .his music albums laid the foundation of the "real" westcoast what we see now.pac influenced a lot of youngstaz like me.his music was oxygen to them niggaz. thats all i got ta say .2pac still live in our hearts REST IN PEACE my nigga .
"i give a holla 2 my niggaz in da darkest corners,roll a perfect blunt n let me spark it for ya ,one love from a thug nigga rollin wit a posse fulla drug dealers" - 2pac
by packeeper December 13, 2007
A great rapper, actually past great, but is really overrated to the point where 99.90% of the world likes him and its rare to find a Tupac Hater. I'm not hating, I love Tupac (no homo) but he is just way overrated, there are a lot of other rappers who are on the same level, like Eminem yup thats right I said it, but eminem has 10% less of tupacs fan base which is basicly racism all because he has european decent and people view him as a wankster because they think any black rapper is a gangster. If Eminem was black and had the same skill he would have as much fans as Tupac. Eminem has a fan base of 89% of the world because of racism, Tupac has a fan base of 99.90%.I mean most of you guys would buy a Tupac album if he sounded like Hurricane Chris. Once again I'm not hating on 2Pac, if anything I'm a die hard Tupac, Eminem, and Biggie fan. It's just so many of his fans are, whats the word, DICK RIDERS!!!
2Pac Dick Rider: * gigantic 2Pac comment on the youtube vid comment box* OMGEE! Tupac is the best, it sucks that he died before I was born. 2pac rulezzz!!!! I know im gonna marry him someday in heaven.

Me: Go get a life you dick rider, Tupac is past great, but its dumbasses like you who make him look bad by spamming gigantic 2Pac's made out of different letters on his videos.
by Tupac is great but overrated August 23, 2009
world's greatest rapper......ever. anyone who doens't like 2pac can suck my dick
bob: hey bill, that mothaf*cka says he hates 2pac
bill: I'll take care of him {pulls out ak47}
by 'pac January 28, 2007
The greatest, most influential rapper in all time. He encouraged people to go for their dreams and didn't promote violence like many ignorant fools think. He did drama in high school and studied alot, he was smart but many racist assholes wouldn't agree because they think all rappers are idiots who can't speak or spell.. or sing. He was pressured on alot by the police and lived in the gutter for a year. He died at the age of 25 at 4:03pm with 2 bullets to the chest (he had taken 9 bullets in his lifetime).
Anyone who doesn't agree that 2pac is the best rapper can kiss my ass and suck my dick and my uncle's balls.
by nigga4lyf December 25, 2006
2Pac = Ultimate rapper
I am 19 yo and started to listen to 2Pac from '96 right after I read about him being killed. Just wanted to see who the fuck is that guy that appears on the news that it was killed and shit....oh by the way I'm from Romania not US so here 2Pac was only heard and seen on MTV...anyway I started listening to his tracks and I was amazed...he is fuckin' right...everything he says on every track is true and also the tracks have rythm and excellent lyrics...this is a very rare thing for most of the "rappers" nowadays. 2Pac has helped me more than anyone could imagine...listening to Pac everything became clear so I learnt to stay away from "friends" that want to "help" me also he inspired me to take my life in my own hands...I stayed off the penitenciary only because I had all the time Pac's word in my head, I had many friends who are now doing time, even close friends, but thanks to Pac I'm out and I'm living my life....anyway the main reason why I told you these things was to emphasize that I won't accept to see an egocentric stupid motherfucker who calls himself "god of rock" that no one heard of his punk ass to start dissin' a guy like TUPAC SHAKUR. If you really think aritculated, "God of Rock" keep the name of 2Pac out of your dick sucking mouth....that's all I had to say....greetings from Romania...Here 2Pac is loved also
by Logic_JO August 26, 2006

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