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The best resource for this type of vehicle can be found on www.nicoclub.com
Hey, you know a website where I can learn how to do an RB25 install into my 240sx?

Yeah, check out www.nicoclub.com , they have a thread that shows you how.
by Hank April 02, 2005
70 57
Under sized car made by Nissan. Looks like a go-cart you would buy at toyRus. Also known as the blur. They have many colors but the worst two are red and black.
Damn I fucked up the engine on my 240 sx, its time to go to toyRus to get a new engine.
by Jay Dizzle March 17, 2005
19 73
A great handling, ok on the power, but fucked up with all kinds of the typical ricer boy shit car.
DUDE! did you see that 240sx take off it hit 80 mph but took flight cause the mofo driver put a big ass spoiler on the rear.
by i wanna drive a real car February 15, 2004
36 135
one of the best import cars of the past few years. a great platform for drifting and one of the best Nissan models. cheap car to buy. it puts out about 140-160 whp horsepower stock, but you can swap in the SR20DET Skyline engine
Guy #1: check out that 240sx drift

Guy #2: yeah that is awesome. the guy put the Sr20 in and put on some other mods.
by ImportRacerBoy October 03, 2005
45 179