chromed out rims dat every1 one be appreciatin'
I roll thru my ghetto wit 24's pickin up dem hoes.
by Snoflake November 07, 2003
Top Definition
big rims for a pimped-out ride
I roll thru da hood on dem 24's...word, rims pokin' out da side of da air.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
24 inch rims
have u seen those big tymers pull up in front of the club 24s like hell yea.
by i am really sexy April 13, 2003
twenty four inch diameter wheel rims- exceptionally largewith 15 inch being the average size. proper pimp.
'bouncing on 24's' by R. Kelly
by Bernie September 24, 2003
general term used to define the large size of specialized rims that are used in urban-themed cars of trucks for added effect to the vehicle. usually, the largest rims signify monetary dominance. often used with spinner mechanisms.

He was rollin' around the hood in his 24's.
by ooofalooo July 04, 2006
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