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the 23rd letter of the alphabet, followed by the 20th letter of the alphabet.

take a second to think about it.


there ya go! A top secret reference to white trash. works great when talking into a walmart..
"roger, we have a 2320 in progress.."
your friend next to you will laugh uncontrollably. haha.
by mattback February 24, 2004
WT (White Trash) is a slang term for white people who typically live in a trailer park. They engage in activity such as watching nascar while enjoying a piss warm keystone light.

W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet

T is the 20th letter in the alphabet
“Oh my, Cooter’s daughter Chastity is sucha 23-20! She woke up this mornin in the back of a pickup with condom hangin outta her ass and one eye glazed shut."
by K.SMITH89 September 08, 2009