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to leave quickly, especially before a situation deteriorates (archaic, origin unknown, popularized during 1920s)
He felt it was the best moment to 23 skiddoo.
by The Return of Light Joker March 25, 2011
A wind (especially a tornado alley in a city) that blows girls' skirts up. Also, get going, move along, leave, scram, beat it.
You were supposed to have left an hour ago! Get movin' already! 23 skiddoo!
by Jay Young January 15, 2004
The act of taking a shit. Often associated with with a meal that tends to quickly induce a bowel movement such as fast food.
We just got Taco Bell. I'm gonna have to 23 skiddoo any minute.

Q : "The bathroom smells awful, what did you do in there?"

A : "23 Skiddo!"
by Thedteamhr January 29, 2010
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