The number after 21 and the number before 23.
What comes after 21?
What comes before 23?
What comes after 23?
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
The best number in the world. Looks absolutely perfect on a sports uniform jersey. Usually worn by the best player on the team.
Me: Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have my number??!
Player with #22: I would but, sorry no.
Me: *cries all the way home*
Mom: Why are you mad?? (Wasn't at practice)
by basketballer22 December 03, 2013
22 (noun), 22ing (verb)- The act of sitting on another man (face to face) while both participants attempt to defecate into a toilet. Similar to the 33, where one or both participants have erections during the act of 22ing.
"I will 22 you."

"I just 22ed that guy"

"Hey what if you got an erection while 22ing?"
by just22ed May 04, 2009
The female genitalia. Comprised of two inner lips and two outer lips, which make up the 2-2. Also known as {tutu}, or two-two, this term is often used in place of more crude choices such as {pussy}, {cunt}, or when speaking to children - in place of anotomically scary or mature words such as {vagina}.
"Let's {69}! I will put my mouth on your {tool}, and you can put your mouth on my 2-2!"

"Okay Sally, remember that when you take a bath, you have to wash your 2-2 really well."
by Shae D October 19, 2006
a number refering to speed (usually in seconds); relating to a small amount.
"i'll be back in 2.2"
"gramps over here is driving like 2.2 miles an hour!"
"he's only been with 2.2 people"
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
a 22cm cock
Oscar has a 22
by dee-dubz November 12, 2009
When one of your friends is so messed up that he is no longer known as a person, so is now called by a number.
Damn look at 22!! i cant believe hes rolling around in his puke.
by dotrat93 May 22, 2011

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