VTA Line 22, a bus route that goes between Menlo Park and eastern San Jose (more specifically, Eastridge Mall) along El Camino Real, The Alameda, Santa Clara Street, Alum Rock Avenue, King Road, and Tully Road. It is one of the longest and most well-known bus routes in the South Bay region of the San Francisco Bay.

The 22 runs more frequently than any other bus route--buses show up every 10-15 minutes during the day, and the route operates 24/7. Additionally, it is the only bus route that uses bendy buses.

Unfortunately, because of the 24/7 schedule, bums and smells reminiscent of shit are pretty common, especially at night. As a result, the 22 has come to be known as "Hotel Deuce Deuce," "the Felon Express," among others.
I stepped onto the 22, and got out in 3 seconds flat. I'd rather take a cab home.
by G-Suck68 October 16, 2007
Top Definition
The age after 21 where you realize you still have another 3 years to get your shit together
Haha I'm only 22
by Jeri Lei July 17, 2008
1) A .22 caliber handgun
2) Any rim that measures 22 inches in size
3) Slang term used for women to let you know they are prostitutes.

1) Don't tote no 22's
2) Magnum cost me 22, sat it on them 22's
3) Lil mama super thick, she say she 22

(All examples from Rick Ross' Hustlin)
by TheChef May 01, 2006
A sexual position depicted through numbers (like 69); meaning doggystyle (could be used for anal sex as well).
My favorite position is 22.
by SoLux July 20, 2008
1) A .22 Caliber hand gun. .22 is a measurement of inches, not millimeters you fucking retards.
2)22 inch rims
'22 inch rims on the Lac. I guess that was yo footprint in the sand carrying us on yo back' -David Banner
by thacarter February 26, 2006
The number of love. When two people fall in love, the number 22 will follow you. If you see a 22, that means that the person you are in love with is thinking about you.
Listening to Love Story at 12:22 in the afternoon.
by 122206 January 18, 2010
1) a gun of .22 calliber
2) sometimes referred to a 22 ounce bottle of liqour
3) underage kid's favorite age for their fake id
cop "how old are you son?"
16 year old "uhhh 22"
cop "you look like your 12"
16 year old "just buying some 22's officer"
cop "come with me"
by taiga199 August 22, 2007
a professional woman who knows how to please a man
At a bar, two men watch as a hot, librarian walks into view. One man looks at the other and says..."check out the 22."
by jjpaige July 11, 2009
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