Those hardcore chrome rims 22 inches in diamiter.
Yo, homey, did you catch them 22s on that dudes car.
by Mikhailo July 27, 2003
Top Definition
Rims.....they r 22 inches...also known as double deuces
Yo..u betta be cruisin on 22's wen u ride up in the club
by Lacali12 March 19, 2003
A term refering to a passage of time; and takes the place of common filler words such as "and then..."
I was walking down the street 2-2's this big dog jumped out of nowhere.
by Orlando P June 02, 2005
Basicly 22s are some hot rims that are 22 inches
Oh! Dats a clean ride wit dem 22 inch spinners. Go head pimp! Yoouu Knooow!!
by Ebony January 27, 2004
refers to a possible size of car metal car rims. Also reffered to as "dubz"
I just got a brand new set of 22's, now I can roll on dubz!
by Jonathan Norman April 26, 2004
Not only do they refer to rims, but also the size of someones arms: usually the Biceps.
Got some 22s right here!
by s1yfoxx September 14, 2010
-Reffering to one who has big muscles, or large biceps.
-One with very fine muscle definition.
observer - "Man, that player has big muscles"
player - "22's son, 22's son!!"
by 24hourboy February 22, 2007
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