abbreviation for the TV show "Two and a half Men"
2 & 1/2 men --> 212
<xxx> ey man, whatchu doin?
<yyy> Facebook, hbu?
<xxx> just watching 212
by Kellerkind93 March 25, 2012
In game code name for msn, used for the online game RUNESCAPE to prevent banning from the faggot jagex mods for saying "msm".
you:yo get on 212 nerd
some nerd: k

you:yo get on msm you hoe
some random pmod: OMG REPORTED HOMO
by `SirRob July 16, 2006
Gang in north neawrk mems are cv mb iz and wb
Gang in new jersey, northern part
by JESZIR February 18, 2005
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