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The absurdly, unfairly high drinking age in this shithole "country" known as the USA. My God, if an adult who is 20 years and 9 months old drinks tonight, society will fall apart! There will be drunk driving accidents even though I don't even own a car!! My God. We must bar these "children" from alcohol for as long as possible!
I fucking hate college. Everyone with their stupid fake IDs gets to have fun and a good kid like me has to wait around like a schmuck for 3 more months. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but being at a school with NO parties whatsoever, I'm about ready to shoot myself in the head. Never believe anyone who tells you college rocks. It doesn't. I have been to two colleges and I hated them both. Girls fucking hate me. I'm still a virgin and just want to cry. I'm so damn ugly and short on top of it. And painfully shy. College is all the same no matter where you go. Fuck. I just want to be 21 already, this is driving me nuts...
by I hate college November 09, 2004
A general noun that can mean anything
Yo, let me see that 21.
Yo, that 21 ain't done yet.
Yo, I been seen that 21.
by Moses jumppiece October 09, 2006
21 is a greasy Italian who has jungle fever. She craves black men like I crave a double double during 4th period everyday. 21 is going to Boston College, which will be the worst school in the nation next year because she will be there. For that reason I will be attending Notre Dame next year where I can worship Troy Murphy's #1 jersey while cheering my team to victory over the eagles in football and basketball. She enjoys getting drunk with anybody anytime anywhere because she is so savage. Be sure to turn your phone off on Saturday nights or you will probably receive unwanted professions of 21's undying love for you while she is in her drunken stupor. If you see her be sure to hit her with a swiper and tell her to F off. Then smear bakeo grease on her and fill her backpack up with trash and slap her across the face with a burritto. She loves his kind of treatment especailly from her 2nd and 5th period teachers. 21 is buttface and shall be chainsawed.
Laurant swipe chainsaw gaelle pheen
by 11 March 01, 2005
9 + 10
Fool: You stupid

Genius: No I'm not

Fool: What's 9 + 10?

Genius: 21

Fool: You stupid
by LBoss7556 October 17, 2014
The sum of 9 and 10.
"You stupid!"
"No I'm not!"
"What's 9+10?"
"You stupid!"
by xkl219 October 08, 2014