A number that used to be normal until a bunch of people stated saying it and it became so damn annoying
Person 1: 21
Person 2: Shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by whoamI111222333 November 09, 2015
The age at which Americans arrive late to the party
American guy: I'm finally 21! Time to get wasted!
English guy: You're 3 years late
by JackLikesTits February 24, 2015
That dumb number nobody will forget about.
"What's 9+10," "21" "You stupid".
by ZeldaCraft14 November 22, 2015
An album made by a goddess sent from the highest heaven. Includes songs that blows ones mind to a point of no-return.
There is no record like 21
by doodoo## September 04, 2011
The best number, and the only number funnier than 24 OR 25.
Person 1:"21"
Person 2 looks at Person 1, proceeds to punch Person 1.
Person 1:"Hey, hey, what's 9+10?"
by Dickosaurus May 20, 2016
When two friends gang up on the other
"Last night Sarah and Esteban decided to go 2-1 with me so I stopped talking them. It's their second time doing this to me."
by Jadadoll August 27, 2015
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