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A fantastic friend that was discovered by Brooke and I at Target. It asks you 20 questions and tries to guess what object you are thinking about.
20Q, you've won again! You suck!
by EmiAnn September 09, 2005
A game made by guys involving two people asking eachother questions to get to know eachother.

Often used as a segue to sext or talk dirty with a girl or guy that may turn into a game of truth or dare to get naked pictures
Mike: Hey Sarah, want to play 20Q?
Sarah: Yeah Sure, you start!
Mike: What's your favourite colour?
Sarah: Red! What's your favourite meal?
Mike: Pasta! How many kills do you have?
Sarah: Uhmm.. 4. How big are you?
Mike: 6'' .... Want to play Truth or Dare?
by jenky9 December 18, 2011