Derived from the lingo of CB radio users
Gimme a radio check willya oh and what's yer 20?
by Dirge October 30, 2004
a). {x e N : 19 < x < 21 }.

b). set theory. The cardinality of a set containing twenty objects.

c). The number of years you spend in jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

d). The age which is slightly less worthless than 19, and slightly more worthless than 18. The age at which you are considered to be well into fully legal adulthood, yet the government still deems it necessary to babysit certain aspects of your life. Despite the notoriety of turning a new decade, turning 20 doesn't mean a damn thing.
Last night, bobby smoked exactly twice as many joints as he could count on both of his hands. How many joints did bobby smoke?

Answer: 20
by General Septem October 03, 2009
Refering to a $20.00 bag of marijuana.
Also known as a "twin"
Let me pick up that 20 fool.
by Chron December 26, 2002
The age you stop being a teen, the year before you turn 21.
"I am 20 years old".
by Shantelle. April 06, 2009
The age where the bouncer stops asking for your fake ID.
Seven-foot-tall gentleman whose name is Tyrone: "Yeah, you can come in."

Me: "Uh, you sure? You don't want to see my license?"

Tyrone: "You're 20, no one gives a shit."
by Twenty Years Old, Still Virgin January 26, 2013
the size of the rims on a car
Shit nigga! He got 20s on that motherfucker!
by JDOE October 18, 2002
A far superior version of something that gets embraced by all and leaves 1.0 sitting in the corner looking like a sad puppy. 2.0's are also known to have a permanent ray of sunshine on them at all times.
Did you see Alyssa 2.0 and 1.0 exchanges stink eyes last night? I heard 1.0 challenged her to a dual at high noon.
by ima2pointoh September 05, 2011

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