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Having a penis that measures two inches

Girls are usually turned off after hearing such news.
Rob " Man, what did you do to get out of fucking that fat chick last night?"

Calvin " I told her I got a 2-incher"
by Chealyn February 17, 2009
Usually the "term" for an asian males genitals. Rumors are that males from the asian heritage, are not well endowed in thier pants.
Johnny: YO , I was taking a shower in gym
and i saw YANGS 2 incher

by Anthony ( The mexican) June 01, 2006
a name for one of your buddys that has a 2 inch dick. and loves to rest it on a beer pong table. the dick is only 2 inches long.
"Dude look Grant has his 2 incher resting on the beer pong table. WTF dude!!!!
by hugedick22 November 08, 2010