something i wank over alot
something you should start wanking over
i was watching 2 girls 1 cup yesterday and i had a wank, it was yum
by ERIC THE ARDVARK January 23, 2009
The act of two women eating each others shit. Usually involves one female shitting piss yellow diahrrea into a cup and eating it with her dyke friend.
George: dude, look up 2 girls 1 cup on the internet.

Dan: (types in link) (PA**(&^^&$JHSN*(%$BF....WHAT THE FUCK! Fuck you man.
by GBlizzle December 01, 2007
WTF is everyone on about 2 girls 1 cup is one of the hottest videos on the net, after i saw it i signed up for the full movie. it shows two hot chicks vomiting and shitting on each other and into a cup, and eating the shit and vomit.
dude i watched 2 girls 1 cup last night and had to have a good wank after i seen it
by raven 1337 April 10, 2008
Hottest Shit on da net!!!
Yeah..... It's that hot, Watch 2 girls 1 cup and get hot and bothery!
by BassGod! January 20, 2008
2 sexy girls, doing sexy things.

it involves poopie and a cup.
Cool Kid: Hey, have you seen 2girls1cup?
Uncool Kid: nope watz dat
Cool Kid: Here, check it
Uncool Kid: k going now
by Sonix November 10, 2007
a video that gets everybody excited about being allowed to be sick and tune in for something and then walk away while it continues and creates dirty faggots who end up a problem...i start to believe in hillary clinton's taking things away for the common good

also, it wasn't shit...when you eat shit you is 50% living matter
"what i doubly detest is feces, i will not eat it" - the book of the dead

2 dirty fags and an ugly mug (2 girls 1 cup)
by youstumped November 10, 2007
2 girls 1 cup is a shock site containing a video from the Brazilian Scat porno, Hungry Bitches. The video starts off by playing Herve Roy's Lovers Theme on piano. Two women begin making out, and has the disguise of it being your typical lesbian porno. It's not. One of the girls shits in a cup, she eats it then vomits it into the other girl's mouth, they then rub it over each other for the remainder of the film.
Person: After watching 2 Girls 1 Cup, I had to stop eating chocolate for a month.
by Dinoman July 29, 2015

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