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A revolutionary way to loose weight. Watch 2girls1cup video 3 times a day before having your breakfast/lunch/dinner.
I've lost 20 pounds after watching 2girls1cup regularly for a month
by chrisfreak December 06, 2007
One of the most disturbing web videos in existence. It involves two girls sharing a cup of feces, with feces eating, girl-girl feces swapping, feces regurigating between girls and feces re-consumption. Arguably competes with BME Pain Olympics as most disturbing video on the net.
Have you seen 2 girls 1 cup?

Yeah, I actually couldn't watch the whole thing without looking away. Those girls will do anything for drugs.
by Pierce Anthony November 15, 2007
An online shock video that starts off as 2 girls making out and rubbing eachother, and then they start shitting into a cup, and rubbing their own ]shit] all over eachother and eating it. Eventually they start puking and eating eachothers puke. Yum.
Father: Hey son, let me show you a real mans porno!(2girls1cup)

Son:Oh boy!

*sons brain explodes*
by rtueru November 10, 2007
The most vile, disgusting, revolting, repulsive video on the internet. It involves two lesbians shitting and vomiting in a cup, then eating it.
Video at 2girls1cup.com. Try to watch it without flinching.
2 girls 1 cup. Trust me, its gross.
by Maserati November 15, 2007
a video in which a girl is sucking anothers tit, then boom! one girl shits in a cup but wait theres more its such a huge shit i couldnt shit that much. Then they start eating it. Not grossed out they puke it back up and eat again. this video is on 2girls1cup.com
aww man i puked when i saw that 2 girls 1 cup video!
by |,,|(/^_^)|,,| November 24, 2007
2 girls 1 cup is not a video. It is quite possibly a LIFE altering experience....BEWARE
After I watched 2 girls 1 cup, i could no longer drink from clear plastic cups. My life is ruined.
by BDJ December 07, 2007
A nasty and EXTREMELY disturbing video. WARNING!: Do not watch if you get sick very easily! It shows lots of poop and vomit going in and out of 2 girls' mouths. It's supposed to promote a XXX site.
Guy: Hey! have you seen 2 girls 1 cup?! They do LOTS of crazy things in that video!

Other guy: No way!! I'll watch when I get home!!!!

*next day*

Other guy: You Fucker!! My mom watched it with me now I'm never allowed to touch the computer again!!!