2 girls 1 cup is the reason why I'm pro-choice. These shit eating chicks make dot coms like Rotten look like a sweet ray of sunshine.
Anti-Abortionist: "All life is sacred! If you have sex, you should be prepared for parenthood!"

Pro-Abortionist: "Really? Watch 2 girls 1 cup and tell me that line again. I'll join your side of the protest if ya can."

Anti-Abortionist: OK, I WILL!! 30secs later

(Anti_Abortionist Pukes...Stands up...immediately pukes again)

Anti-Abortionist: "...Say there buddy, ya got Rrrrr...." (Pukes again) "...ugh, oh god that was messed up...ya got room for one more on your side of the picket line?"
(Pukes again)
2 Girls 1 Cup is a perfect example of today's declining morals in society.

The video itself involves two women who are caressing each other's bodies, and then, it happens, one of the girls takes a massive dump, into a cup, then both of the women start consuming the feces.

At this point most viewers of the video can't think it can get much worse. They couldn't be much farther from the truth.

Shortly after consuming the shit the two women start vomiting. They are not only puking the poo out, but they are puking the shit right back into each other's mouths, or back in the cup.

The final part of the video concludes with the two bitches reconsuming the partially digested feces/vomit mixture.
2 Girls 1 Cup involves two(2) crazy ass bitches(girls) and a cup(1 cup), and lots and lots of poo.
by TJM91 January 26, 2009
Disgusting. Don't even look it up.
"Hey dude! Where's Claudia?"
"She gouged her eyes out after watching 2 girls 1 cup."
by certie December 14, 2007
The video which changed many guys' long held belief that any video with nude lesbians in it HAD to be sexy.But that was before faeces was the playdough of lesbians..
Watch 2 girls 1 cup if you ever swallow poison accidently, you'll vomit it out.

2 girls 1 cup adds fuel to the fire of anti-lesbianism.
by krzn August 19, 2008
One of the funniest and most disgusting videos on the internet. The legacy of this video has grown rather rapidly. The video involves 1 woman defecating into a cup while her and another woman proceed to lick and eat the feces. Later they go ahead and throw up into each other's mouths.
There are countless videos, mainly on youtube, that show reactions of people that are watching the video for the first time. I have personally tricked people into watching the video and I have to say, it gave me quite a laugh, and I think a couple of them are now scarred for life.
Me: Here man watch this video, it's called 2 girls 1 cup.

*Boy clicks the play button*

Boy: This is gonna be bad isn't it?

Boy: ...

Boy: What the... why is she shitting in a...

*Hilarity ensues*
by Mattias of Wellendia December 02, 2007
A disgusting video on the internet. It consists of 2 girls pooping into a cup and eating the poop from the cup. Then they puke in eatchother's mouths. Many people tape reactions to this video on youtube.
Man 1: Hey, did you see 2 Girls 1 Cup?

Man 2: Yeah, its gross!!
by PartyGoomba July 11, 2009
A disturbing lesbian porno clip in which one girl proceeds to shoot shit out of her ass into a clear cup like ice cream, then the other girl eats it. Not many people venture past this part, but if you dare grab yourself a barf baggy.
That 2 girls 1 cup video would make any parent proud of their daughters.
by Patrick- December 27, 2007
The most vile thing you will ever see on the Interwebs.
I almost threw up on my keyboard when I saw 2 girls 1 cup.
by Papa Alpha Tango November 30, 2007
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