One of the funniest and most disgusting videos on the internet. The legacy of this video has grown rather rapidly. The video involves 1 woman defecating into a cup while her and another woman proceed to lick and eat the feces. Later they go ahead and throw up into each other's mouths.
There are countless videos, mainly on youtube, that show reactions of people that are watching the video for the first time. I have personally tricked people into watching the video and I have to say, it gave me quite a laugh, and I think a couple of them are now scarred for life.
Me: Here man watch this video, it's called 2 girls 1 cup.

*Boy clicks the play button*

Boy: This is gonna be bad isn't it?

Boy: ...

Boy: What the... why is she shitting in a...

*Hilarity ensues*
by Mattias of Wellendia December 02, 2007
2 girls 1 cup owes it's origins to a film sharing the same title in which two young girls of appropriate age engage in socialy questionable acts including: consumption of one another's feces, consumtion of the regurgitated aforementioned feces, and aside from the shit and puke eating some pretty hot lesbian action. This having been explained, its defined currently as a description of anything traumatic and disgusting enough to shock, often relating to but not exclusive to the consumtion of vomit or feces.
Reginald: I say I say good sir have you seen the cinema film "The Human Centipede"? Farnsworth: No my good man I've not seen this feature would you recomend I take my best girl and her father? Reginald: Well my gentle sir I'd say that shits 2 girls 1 cup!
by FarleyWasGod December 03, 2010
The video of two lesbian women feasting on each others fecal matter, drinking each other's urine and then vomiting semi-digested urine and fecal matter into their mouths. All of this is filmed and a sad violin music is played in the back-ground. These types of videos (2 girls 1 cup, 1 guy 1 screw driver, 1 guy 1 jar...) are shock videos wich include genitals and blood, semen, more blood, jars and to top it off it will ruin your life so DO NOT watch any of the videos above
'Dude you should watch 2 girls 1 cup!'
'What is it?'
'It's a video of 2 girls eating their shit!'
'And why should i watch it?

'Cuz its like a drend bro'
Moral of the story: watching two women eating shit, or a guy pulling a screwdriver out of his penis and just barely breaking his penis in half is NOT cool. Resist the temptation...
by shit master 3000 July 21, 2016
2 girls 1 cup is a shock site containing a video from the Brazilian Scat porno, Hungry Bitches. The video starts off by playing Herve Roy's Lovers Theme on piano. Two women begin making out, and has the disguise of it being your typical lesbian porno. It's not. One of the girls shits in a cup, she eats it then vomits it into the other girl's mouth, they then rub it over each other for the remainder of the film.
Person: After watching 2 Girls 1 Cup, I had to stop eating chocolate for a month.
by Dinoman July 29, 2015
it starts off with some hot lesbian action ( NOT FOR PPLZ UNDER 18!!) and then one of them shits in a cup and they start eating it and puking it out into each others mouths and doing sexual acts with the shit. DONT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH!!!
"Dude, you seen 2 girls 1 cup?"

"Yeah that shit was nasty!! Who would do that??"

by Kyte May 15, 2008
The most nasty video ever. First, 1 girl is sucking the other's tits. Then, one poops into a cup and they eat it. Next, they vomit up the poop into each others mouth.

*WARNING* if you watch this video, you might vomit or be scarred for life
Dude, did you see 2 girls 1 cup? I thought oh my fucking god, those girls should go to hell!
by spottedstar1123 December 26, 2011
Referring to the video that represents two girls making out naked with fecal matter in their mouths. People use this term referring to the video or saying someone likes to do that kind of stuff which is shown in the video.
"Wow man that was completely 2girls1cup status"
"Yeah you like it the 2girls1cup way don't you bob"
by Jophis Mahanie December 10, 2007
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