A number used WAY too much. a number between 1 and 3. a number that people sometimes tease other people with.what you text your friends when your lazy to write "to" or "too".
Girl 1:hey girl do you like "2" read
Girl 2:leave me alone with that please
by asdely June 18, 2012
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the middle of 1 and 3.
me: "you know why 2 is so great?"
math teacher: "why"
me: "because it is in the middle of 1 and 3"
math teacher: "leave the class, now"
by groucho max December 15, 2008
The greatest number of all time because it is:

the only even prime number
the only number where n + n = n x n (besides zero)
the atomic number of helium
the number of genders there are
the number of ears/eyes/cheeks/shoulders/arms/hands/ legs/feet you have
the number of fingers held up when making the peace sign
the number of useful things on a pencil
the number of doors on a refrigerator
the number of good rap songs there are
the number of d's in DnD
the number of different products you buy at the store involving paper rolled around a hollow cardboard cylinder
the number of legs on an unstable table
the number of times you need to change your underwear every year
a reasonable amount of cookies to eat
the number of words in PhD(despite 3 letters!)
the number of things that a spork is a fusion of
the number of KFC Buckets that you need to eat daily to become obese
the number of funny "Yo Momma" jokes
the number of bad actors who starred in "Transformers"
the number that Paris Hilton can count to

2's greatness doesn't end here though...
look inside yourself to find every other reason why 2 is undoubtedly the best number of all time!!
Guy 1:What's your favorite number?
Guy 2: I dunno...6?
Guy 1: ...you better be kidding
by 2isthegreatestnumber January 16, 2010
The second number on a number line.
1, 2, 3.
The first post on urban dictionary about the number one is a retard. He said that a normal person would say "your gay" When actually a normal person should say "You're gay." Your gay shows ownership. So that would be a guy's boyfreind.

The first post just got 0wned, bitch.
by Haggardx1337 August 13, 2005
Two can be as bad as one
It's the loneliest number since the number one
1 is the loneliest number, whoa, worse than 2
by fonglet November 22, 2007
the second number on a number line, also used in l33t speak as a question mark, because of its somewhat resemblance to the curve on the top of it. used much the same way as a "1" is as an exclamation point.
d3wd 12 u th4rE??2???22??two??
by brett69xxx August 24, 2009
The total IQ of Presidents George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush
George H. W. Bush, and his son, George W. Bush each have an IQ of 1, therefore, together, they have an IQ of 2
by dragondance~ February 13, 2007
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