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A phrase i created that means a girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.
"Woah, Amber is such a 2 by 4."
by Sarmen Sinanian February 18, 2006
The cornerstone piece of the unholy lego empire.
Hand me that red 2 by 4 piece over there.
by Flick Montana August 31, 2006
To use a lump of timber of about 2 by 4 inches in diameter to inflict blunt force trauma mainly to head or sometimes body. Generally easily available at short notice & fits comfortably into the average hand.
i'm guna 2 by 4 that bitch
fucker needs a good 2 by 4in
by seeingbunnies June 13, 2010
The art of performing sexual intercourse on a 4 legged animal, via the butt hole.
Call a "2 by 4" because a human has 2 legs, where as animals have 4
"Dude, Mark totally performed a successful 2 by 4 on Jamie's dog last night"
by MMjr April 21, 2008
2X4 - A girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.
Whoa, Ambers such a 2 by 4.
by Sarmen Sinanian March 23, 2006
Not a word, but still, its good for describing someone you have called a 'plank' a million times before...
how do i put this?
by shiny-head, but not bald September 05, 2003
twenty four ounce can of beer
I went to the store and asked the person behind the counter for a meal pack and she gave me a 2 by 4 and a BC Powder.(for the buzz)
by Ben March 24, 2005