A Number used by pigs to tell other pigs that some poor bitch got stabbed or shot,in other words,a homicide.
Calling all cars,calling all cars,a 187 took place in South Central,our sources tell us that it was done because a homless man stole a pen from a six-year old.The six-year old retalliated by pulling out a 50 Magnum Gun and shot the poor bitch.
by ToNyDaSKuzZ August 18, 2004
to select for murder; to target for murder
I dialed 1-8-7 on that motherfu&#^$
by R.N.D October 18, 2002
To Sneak Up On An Unsuspecting Cop And Yelled Directly Behind Them At A Decible Level Usally Reserved For In Theater Movie Previews!
1-8-7 Mother Fucker 1-8-7!
by Anarchist 101 March 08, 2005
The best song by Senses Fail.
Senses Fail - One Eight Seven
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
Ok first of alll theyre not pigs...but its a police call code that means that there's been a murder.
*if ppl wouldnt commit crimes cops would be outta a job* :D
dispatch- linclon 100 we go a 187 on broadway
Cop- 10-4...rolling code 3
by Alie February 19, 2005
Ihor's phone
Hey dog, hit E at 187.
by shmelke January 04, 2003

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