Police Code for Murder
Callin 187 on a motherfuckin...COP! (Sublime, April 29, 1992)
by SmiwyROD May 26, 2010
Whene a cop sais 187 on their radio they are calling in a murder... For a murder to have been commited.

187 on a motha fuckin cop!!!
by ~~DaNiElLe~~ May 15, 2006
A 187 is a code in certain police jursdictions for a homicide. The term is used by a recent 911 caller who states she intends to whack her direspectful, car stealing son. On a tape of the call, played on The Howard Stern show, she says, Ya'll better get someone out here quick 'cause I'm gonna do a 187."
As a general slang term it could likely be used as, "Yo...don't make me 187 you...I'll mess you up!"
by greengoblin04 April 27, 2009
1) A term describing murder.
2) A term often used by Yugoslavian homosexuals.
What bitch you wanna go?
Forever ballin' never fallin'
Nedim!!!! Nedim!!!!! 187!!!!!! Nedim!!!!
by Bob Marley Ziggy Weezay September 08, 2008
Penal code for police units to report to a homacide
David six avalible units please respond to a 187 on 51 st
by king loz May 26, 2006
Police code used for homicide. Commonly used by gangstas and rappers.

Also the name of a racing/action game, "187: Ride or Die",
and the name of a G-Unit remix of Deep Cover by Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent
Yeah, and ya don't stop
I pull a 187 on yo muthafuckin block
yeah, and ya don't quit
'Cause G-Unit in yo muthafuckin ass bitch
by Dogg Tagg November 29, 2006
An extremely shitty movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.
Steve: Hey, did you see that movie 187?
John: Yeah, that movie sucked more dick than my dad.
John's Dad: Steve, let me suck your dick.
Steve: Aight.
by M. Shizzle August 03, 2006

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