The age man’s life officially die slowly but surely.
*Interviewer: Pls let me know what keeps you happy?!!!
*Interviewee: Well, It is great to meet chicks who are as good as gold. To some extent, I highly appreciate my spouses' heart of gold because they have been living with me for years and bore me 13 sons and girls so far. As a result, I’ve been working very hard to support them all since I was 18 and however, they always play a key role in encouraging me to overcome such difficulties. Their care is a main source of my pride. this is worth my spouses' gold for me.
*Interviewer: Keep your fingers crossed for dat, sir!
by quan cao tien August 06, 2010
Age of majority in all countries except for the United States thanks to their stupid laws regarding drinking age and the age requirement for getting a hotel and renting a car.
In the United States you have to be 21 to do nearly everything...that gotta suck! Why can't I make my own decisions at 18? This is why I am going across the border to CANADA for spring break!
by NHRHS2010 June 15, 2011
The age when you get to DO WHAT YOU WANT. It can kind of suck because you have a lot more responsibilites and shit, but as long as you arent livng with your parents they can't choose your friends, give you a curfew or say shit about the people you date. Therefore if you missed out on partying it up when you were a young teenager because of your parents strict rules now is the time to do so.
"GIRRL, i'm eighteen today. I'll do what I want from now on."
by candice D May 14, 2005
The age where you can legally fuck, smoke, gamble, buy porn, and be tried as an adult.
I fucked, smoked, gambled, and bought porn before and I'm only 17 now. Also I've been sent to jail because I broke the age of consent, while high and with porno around the room (the irony is overwhelming, yes), and someone fucked with my birth certificate when I was in court so I was sent to prison, not juvie, at 16 years of age, not 18+ years of age. True story.
the best age of a friend so they can buy u ciggarettes when your too young
i wish i had more friends that are over 18 so i could have more ciggarettes
by gfjdhgjhg September 10, 2006
The age life truly begins at
Woohoo im 18! Now I can finally go out and get me some porno videos and a pack of cigarettes!
by Zero May 20, 2004
Legal drinking age in Malaysia
No drinking under 18
by H March 29, 2005
The age when you can fuck a girl and not get jail time.
I can't screw her yet. She's not 18, so I might get jail time.
by M.C. Shithead April 21, 2005

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