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The age man’s life officially die slowly but surely.
*Interviewer: Pls let me know what keeps you happy?!!!
*Interviewee: Well, It is great to meet chicks who are as good as gold. To some extent, I highly appreciate my spouses' heart of gold because they have been living with me for years and bore me 13 sons and girls so far. As a result, I’ve been working very hard to support them all since I was 18 and however, they always play a key role in encouraging me to overcome such difficulties. Their care is a main source of my pride. this is worth my spouses' gold for me.
*Interviewer: Keep your fingers crossed for dat, sir!
by quan cao tien August 06, 2010
184 73
The age at which everyone tells you you're an "adult", but still think it's not only illegal, but morally wrong, for a child like you to drink alcohol.
197 61
The age which you are first considered a human being at. Any age below 18 is highly discriminated against almost everywhere in the world and you are not yet human in the eyes of almost everyone. People under the age of 18 are legally allowed to be, with the exception of being murdered or tortured, treated exactly like slaves of the 1800's by slave owners, called "adults, parents, or gardians" for obvious reasons.
Eddy: I know I have AIDS and I'm going to die tomorrow but, I'm 60 years old and I lived 60 great years so I couldn't be happier.

Bobby: No, you lived 42 great years, the years before that you were not a human being, remember?

Eddy: Oh yea, maybe by the time you're my age, age discrimination will be illegal and people under the age of 18 will be treated the same as people over it.

Bobby: Wonder what they'll find to discriminate against after that happens, they already used blacks and gays.
by Not Yet a Human May 14, 2008
135 37
You're old enough to know better, but young enough to not care
Mom-Act your age not your shoe size, you're 18 for cryin out loud!
Kid-Make me!
by Kay1708 February 15, 2009
99 19
18 means FUCK in Korean.
When Koreans pronounce 18(eighteen),it sounds like fuck in Korean.
The pronunciation of 18=Sip Pal(

Sip means pussy(Korean slang).
Pal means sale.
Sip Pal means that you are a bastard or a hooker.

Sibal,Shipal,Sibal,Sippal,Sipal,SSibal...and so on.
You!!!Son of a bitch.181818.
by Jangwon February 01, 2004
220 161
Legal age for drinking in the UK.
Woohoo! I'm 18! Now I can throw my fake ID away and get wasted even more!
by X-treem August 28, 2003
62 23
18 is the legal drinking/gambling age in Australia and most country's except for the USA, where it is still believed 20 year olds can be deterred from booze by shoddy ID laws.
The age every child should move out of home (unless already gone) and go to work/university.
"I turned 18 yesterday and went to the bar I have been drinking at for 2 years and showed them my ID. They congratulated me for successfully tricking them. I am already addicted to betting on dogs/horses/poker mahines."
by Diego August 29, 2003
76 42