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In 2010, some child created a show on Ustream . There was a user only known as Aba who began watching the show when it just began; he promised her to get her a many more fans (probably with 4chan). He did what he had promised; soon she had hundreds of views. She offered him to ask her a dare on the next show because of his increase in popularity . Soon users began posting "She's 18," (a common phrase used to prove that they are the age of consent) and it became a rave. Aba himself posted it, and in response, they posted "You better not fuck this up." By now the comments had been removed, unless you were "invited." The next day,
Guy 1:Did you hear about the 18 meme?
Guy 2:Yeah, that's kind of messed up.
by Psuedanonymous July 03, 2010