sixteen bars (sets of 4 beats) in music (usually hip-hop/rap)

spit 16, then freestyle off the back
by B-Dubs October 01, 2006
A girl who you are not sure if you would hook up with or not. Derived from the game blackjack, when a player has a hand of 16 they are not sure whether or not to hit it.
This girl from the party the was all over my nuts but she was a 16, I can't decide if I wanna tap that or not!
by MistahBradshaw August 30, 2010
Age of consent in the state of Georgia, though only if both partners are age 16-17. If one is 18+ or 15-, it's still rape.

Also the age at which one can get a driver's license.
I'm 16 so I can drive now!
by Haruhi-x December 28, 2009
The age of consent in Massachusetts and a bunch of other states.
This means its perfectly legal to have sex with them because they can "consent" to sex now.

Anyone who automatically thinks the age of consent is 18 in every state should be smacked upside the face.
Im 29 and my neighbor who i have always thought was hot, is turning 16 so then I can actually do stuff with her. Her parents don't like me but what the hell, their daughters hot and legal.

My college friend got a hold of his high school sophomore friend. And we gang banged her. The police came and walked away because its LEGAL!
by ilove16yearolds March 02, 2010
You know that game counter-strike?
This is that shitty expansion that pretty much is a fucking depansion good fuckin game.
1/0 Steam killed Counter-strike0/1
A very gay version of counter-strike that is populated by homosexuals and midgets.
I just played some 1.6 today and I have a sudden urge to have sex with men.
by 1337 krew July 12, 2004
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