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A 14 year old boy is an upgraded form of a 13 year old boy. There are many types of 14 year old boys. One example is the "computer" version. This version will usually try to act highly intelligent and usually ends up failing horribly at it. It will act like a complete retard, trying to troll while looking mature at the same time. Another form is the "Gangsta" version. 'Nuff said.

Many of the users on popular sites like "Encyclopedia Dramatica" are of this age. And 15% of the viewers of pornhub are 14 year old boys.

They will also use forced memes at least 100 times a day, and usually use profane vocabulary.
*Adults are talking and make a joke*
14 Year Old Boy: Hahahah! That's classic. *Tries to act like he gets it*
*Adults laugh at him, and he thinks that they aren't*
by rodneyalcala June 20, 2010
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Loves TF2, and anything else put out by Valve. Loves My Little Pony, Furry Porn, and being autistic.
All 14 year old boys are the above description. No exceptions.
by Douchebag82 October 15, 2011
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