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A commonly used word to mis-represent "elite."

Frequently used by "script kiddies" to make themselves feel like hackers.

A sure sign of a genuine loser.

Please note that a genuine hacker of any real skill will shun the use of "d00d" speak, or "dud-spek".
"Hey! I just made this l33t util that will hack the password file of WinNT! I am so 133t!"
"That tool has been around for years."
"No it hasn't! I just made it myself!"
"Okay then, what language did you write it in?"
"I wrote it in Windows of course! What else would I use?"
by k7 November 18, 2004
elite, usually referred to a hacker/coder with exceptional skills.
also known as a "wizard"
Also can be used to mean awesome

also known as 3133t
man that guy is 133t

that new redhat version is 133t
by sneaker December 04, 2003
hacker terms for "elite" and the back door password for Microsoft
L33t H4x0r pWnE6 j00r B0xoR!

j00R I.p. 1S Min3! H@ H@ h4!

(hacker talk for you idiots out there)
by USSR February 16, 2004
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