1. An expression used to signify dominance or coolness. Usually used by itself in response to something.
2. A noun representing an imaginary(or real) liquid.
3. A synonym to "skill".
4. An antonym to weaksauce.
1. "I just pwned your whole team!" "1337sauce!"
"Dude that car is total 1337sauce!"
2. "Awww shit there's 1337sauce all over the place!"
"I poured some 1337sauce on my top sirloin - best dinner ever."
3. "Check out my 1337sauce - BOOM! Headshot!"
4. "Dude that car is total 1337sauce!"
by D Wong October 01, 2006
Top Definition
1337 sauce is used in online games. Usally mean tight, or cool.
If you get a double headshot in a game, you would probably say that was 1337 sauce
by vN[KIA]Zipp0 August 15, 2004
Distilled essence of 1337-ness, usually obtained by grinding up organic matter (such as hair and toenail clippings) discarded by Uber Nerds, like Steve Wozniak. Used to temporarily induce 1337-ness.
Awww damnit, I keep getting killed... Pass me the 1337 Sauce, will ya?
by Cameron the 1337 October 21, 2006
A sauce that you can add to your food that makes you "cool" or "leet", "1337", "l337", "lee7", "l3et", and so on.
"Dewd, I added this 1337sauce to my steak I ate last night, and I got a lot more popular at work!"
by Brett1014 June 30, 2006
(also known as leet sauce), the substance a person is dipped in before they are put into their mother's womb if it is determined by higher powers that they will be a master at everything they do.
hey man, did you see that guy, he must have been dipped in almighty 1337 sauce!
by i love black people May 24, 2005
Should be spelled out Leetsauce. I invented the fackin word so this definition is the only real one. It means either someone or something is the fackin shit. It can also refer to my personal sauce collection in the refridgerator.
That shit is fackin 1337 sauce
by Polizei October 23, 2006
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