originating from Dead Cow Cult as UDP port for Back Orifice.

means elite, some of the comments above are pathetic so ignore them. 1337 sp33k is used by gamers, hackers and n00bs. using 1337 doesnt make you a n00b!
ahahah i pwned you
ch00ped j00 n00bie
ph33r m3 4 I am 1337
CPL stlz
by .:: {GOD} ::. NOSGOD May 30, 2004
Often refered as elite.
I'm 1337, unlike you.
by Yimiko February 15, 2008
1337 or leet is shortened form of 31337 or eleet. It is from a commonly known language today called 1337-speak or leet-speak. It originated from the Dead Cow Cult (31337) was the UDP port for Back Orifice. Now it is a language amongst teenage internet gamers, script-kiddies, and the like who really cant understand its out of date and to move on and try to crack a real encryption.
1337-speak: j00d i wtfpwn 4ll n00bz.

anyone with more than two brain cells: go get laid man.
by krome299 July 28, 2006
1. This person is leet, or elite.
2. They are above or better than everyone else.
3. Typically used in computer games.
I am 1337 so you can't pwn me.
by Kaicee December 27, 2005
Being the best
Wow, The3nemy(PSN) is soo fUcking 1337
by the3nemy November 30, 2008
Commonly missunderstood for hacker speak, 1337 is actually a delicate cult that has very few followers who are "1337", or worthy enough to join. There are levels of 1337, and the primarily focus on ones knowledge of 1337 and, depending on the specific cults versions, higher levels are acheived. Only minute computer skills are required to be in 1337, and they more so focus on DoD than CS. (DoD=Day of Defeat and CS Counter-Strike). The followers of 1337 do use common "1337 5|>34|<" or, leet speak for those of you who can't follow, in online gaming, however, again it is more measured on the awsomeness of a particular event or phrase. Ignore other definition of 1337, those are all inspired by computer nerds who whack off to Beavis and Butthead do America (the car scene if you nubs havn't seen the movie yet).
<Me> Hey, whats up?
<Mordecai> Nothing much, whats up?
<Me> I just asked you that, you nub.
<Mordecai> Oh, well... so...
<Me> Shut up, you smell like a cows asstract.
<Preet> Holy crap, that was 1337!

--see asstract for more information--
by DevilWithoutToes November 09, 2005
a hacker language that uses symbols and numbers instead of letters.
I am an elite(1337) hacker = 1 4/\/\ 4|\| 3|_173 #4(|<3|2
by Cam607 April 11, 2008
A Elite player at any game, 1337 players often use a computer language of symbols letters and numbers
a 1337 example could be

l-l1 /\/008 1 0\/\/ /\/ j00 /\/008z0rz
by kickz0r March 22, 2008

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