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1) (adj.) Superior, overall better, and cooler than something else. Often used by online maniacs.
2) (n.) A computer-based language involving numbers and symbols, without (Or with a minimal amount of) letters.
1) "dood, taht's so 1337!"

2) "|)|_||)3, 7#47'$ $0 1337!!!11"
by Some call me...Tim. February 22, 2005
19 28
An elitist. Usually found within the college community. They seem to think they are better than everyone else in most every way. They like to hang out at coffee shops while talking about fashion and philosophy. They also enjoy reading dictionaries so they are able to use a more sophisticated vocabulary. They laugh loudly at smart jokes so you know how intelligent they are. Don't expect to greet one of them and be accepted into their group.
Look! He looks so indie with his scarf, cap, and sweater. Oh, and he's holding a book in his hand and laughing pretentiously. He must be 1337.
Me: Hey what's up guys?
1337: Oh nothing, just examining the dictionary so I can use a new word in a colloquy today.
Me: What are you doing?
1337: Looking in the mirror to make sure I look as smart as I sound today.
A 1337 joke.
1337 #1: Descartes walked into a bar. The barman asked "Would you like a drink?"
To which Descartes replied "I think not!", and vanished.
1337 Group: !!!!!BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (making sure the entire coffee shop hears their roar of laughter to make sure that they are seen with the other 1337'2)
Me: Fuck you
Me: 'walks away'
by Jessa and Aaron December 06, 2007
6 14
the term 1337, also "leet", is used to describe somthing of excellent quality "this pwnage is uber 1337(leet).
This is a language typically used in internet gaming and some people stereotypically this its only used by a select few called "Nerds".
But, leetspeek, also leetspeak is used pretty much by all internet gamers and is not in any way a "Nerd Term"
as some call it.
"He is so 1337"
"Man that pwnage was so ubern 1337ness."
by Eric Steven Leftwich May 08, 2007
10 18
1337 means leet or elite in leet speak. leet speak is a language created by substituting letters with symbols or numbers. this language is reserved for the uppermost tier of gamers.
the previous paragraph in leet:

1337 /\/\34n5 1337 r 31i73 1n 1337 5p34k. 1337 5p34k i5 4 14n9_493 cr3473d 8y 5_857i7_7in9 13773r5 wi7h 5y/\/\815 r n_/\/\83r5. 7hi5 14n9_4g3 i5 r353rv3d fr t3h _p3r/\/\57 7i3r f 94/\/\3r5.


\/\/7!!1!one11! j00 h4ve 833n 0\/\/n3d!!!! I @m t3h U83r H4><r!!11!!!111!one!!2!@!11!!
by Lukas "n3kr0nk1d December 24, 2006
18 26
A language/dialect used by to a certain extent by nearly all gamers and computer hackers. The grammar of 1337 varies, and not only are letters replaced by symbols, but there are other rules too, such as certain misspellings.
I 7oT41ly pwn3]) j00, n00b!!!11 i @|\/| 1337!
by The Real Shadow April 26, 2006
11 19
1337 is basically the 1337 way of saying elite. One who is elite often speaks in 1337 to put across this message, though crappy players often use the to try and appear 1337 (elite).

Some common 1337 words:
1337- elite
pwn- own (kick the ass of)
h4xx0r- hacker
5uxxz0r- sucker
n00b- newbie, crappy person
STFU- shut the f*ck up
OMFG- oh my f*cking g*d
R0FL/\/\GD/\/\F40- rolling around floor laoughing my g*d damn mother f*cking ass off!
j00- you

Over 1337ing should be avoided at all costs. It looks untidy. And in an online game it is
a) hard to type without dieing
b) hard for team mates to read without dieing
OMFG pwn3d j00 du/\/\b h4xx0r n00b! j00 wi11 d13 @ 51o\/\/ p4infu11 d347h b17ch!
by Smo July 09, 2005
27 35
originating from Dead Cow Cult as UDP port for Back Orifice.

means elite, some of the comments above are pathetic so ignore them. 1337 sp33k is used by gamers, hackers and n00bs. using 1337 doesnt make you a n00b!
ahahah i pwned you
ch00ped j00 n00bie
ph33r m3 4 I am 1337
CPL stlz
by .:: {GOD} ::. NOSGOD May 30, 2004
18 26
language for hackers and some retards
"that stupid kid only speaks in 1337"
by Seraph117 December 04, 2007
4 13