1) (adj.) Superior, overall better, and cooler than something else. Often used by online maniacs.
2) (n.) A computer-based language involving numbers and symbols, without (Or with a minimal amount of) letters.
1) "dood, taht's so 1337!"

2) "|)|_||)3, 7#47'$ $0 1337!!!11"
by Some call me...Tim. February 22, 2005
A Elite player at any game, 1337 players often use a computer language of symbols letters and numbers
a 1337 example could be

l-l1 /\/008 1 0\/\/ /\/ j00 /\/008z0rz
by kickz0r March 22, 2008
1)The melting point of gold in kelvins.
2)The |-|4><0r language.
3)One who is skilled at hacking and/or mind numbing mmorpgs.
2)Jim can speak 1337.
3)Jane is 1337 at Everquest.
by 31337 man February 19, 2006
the nerdiest, most pointless shit ever.
l00k !|v| 4 |\|3|2D w0w33
by 1337-HATER July 25, 2005
'leet' or elite in hacker speak. Originally from a group called Dead Cow but spread through forums and sites like a virus and now all the n00bs say it. Also (apparently) one of the favourite phrases of ad0 and ek0, 'famous' hackers on the circuit. People who aspire to become hackers use it. Also used as a term for substituting numbers and letters so instead of saying restocker you'd say r35t0ck3r.
'ZOMG this is so 1337!'

'u r a 1337 r35t0ck3r!'
'Oh please, you are way more 1337 than me!'
'you're both n00bs for even using 1337.'
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
"leet"="elite" minus "e"

Most commonly used to describe a skilful gamer or clan on online games.

1337 is the complete opposite of n00b

Somebody who is truly 1337 will be told by others, the actions of a true 1337 player will let everyone know they're 1337, so they will not have to tell you, anybody who feels the need to say they're 1337 clearly removes any kind of 1337ness they may have held, they infact become a n00b.
1337 players will pwn (own) everybody not just n00bs, you really don't have to be 1337 to pwn a n00b.

Ways to identify 1337 players:
People who pwn (own) everybody else in the game
People who are good at what they do
People who don't claim to be 1337
Players that pwn n00bs in incredibly skilled or funny ways

*note objects can also be referred to as 1337

"This website pwns, the webmaster must be 1337"

"I just got pwned - this guy's 1337"

"This donkey is 1337"

N00b:"My clan is 1337"

N00b:"I'm f**king 1337 mate, I'll pwn you!"
by <-Spoony Man-> January 31, 2006
31337 was originally created by hackers who used UDP port 31337 to hack into computers. 31337, when translated into letters, coincidentally became "eleet", which sounded very much like "elite". And so they called themselves 31337, or elite hackers.

This "word" was later to be shortened to "1337", or "leet". The use of this word has spread to the gaming community, where many no-life-still-thinking-they-are-cool people use it. It has also become a language, where symbols are used to resemble letters.

People who type in 1337 are usually "high ranked" people with no life other than playing their favorite MMORPG.

They would say something like:
OMFG!! 1 pwnt da n00b bad so STFU NUB!!

Oh, my fucking god! I owned the newbie bad, so shut the fuck up noob!

This, as you can see, makes no sense. Except if it's to make fun of people to whom it does make sense.
1337 is so fucking gay.
by nobody dude September 25, 2005
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