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The worst thing someone using a computer will encounter.
It insults people, makes certain companies lose money: Such as Gravity.
#4#4 ! pwn3|> j00 n00b #4#4 h3 !5 50 n008!5# 0|\/|6 w7F88Qz0rZ.
Keep in mind these were invented by hackers. And I for one consider people who use this are actual hackers.
Leet guy: |>4 p4!n !!
Stewardess: Sir, are you alright? Do you need a doctor?
Leet guy: I n33d h31p!!
Stewardess: I'm sorry, I don't...
Leet guy: 3y3 n33d5 j00 70 g375 d4 d0<70r. 3y3 g075 50m3 b4d p4!n !n m4 c#357. 3y3 n335s m4 pi115!!
Stewardess: Does anyone in here speak leet?
Another Leet guy: j0.
See. If you speak leet and need urgent help, too bad. That's why leet people will die if they keep speaking leet.
by Nikko May 01, 2005
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Language used by geeks to help them identify one another.
Geek: "/-\55|-|0|_3!!"
Normal person: What did he just say?
Normal person#2: He just called you an asshole dude.
by bunee May 03, 2005
1337 5P34K, otherwise known as leet (elite) speak is the language used by gamers during their matches.
OMFG! u r a h4xx0r! u c0uldn7 h4v3 d0n3 7h47!

PWND u n00b!
by Smo April 03, 2005
The cyber language of the typical 13 year old boy. Usually uttered during times of high emotion.
A 13 year old boy wins a fight on an MMORPG:

English - It appears that i've beaten you.
13375P34K - 0MG U GT P4N3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111ONE
by pseudonymnity November 23, 2010
And, of course, h4x0rzz!!1!!!11*

* See: noobs
Example: 7|-|15 15 \/\/07 0|\|3 /\/\173 |)33/\/\ 1337!!!1!
by j4 April 05, 2005

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