A girl that once you bang, you're not sure if you bang again. Like blackjack. Once you get a 13, you're not sure if you would hit it again.
Billy- "That girl had an amazing body, but an ugly face. She's a 13."
John- "Are you going to hit it again?"
Billy- "Nah, probably not."
by BallZach January 05, 2013
a movie directed by catherine hardwick. Whit evan rachel wood in the leading role and holly hunter as a supporting actress.
It's a great movie, with amazing performances.
Evan Rachel Wood deserved and oscar for her performance on 13
by Virginia Lomonaco July 29, 2006
when a guy is getting head and right before he finishes he pulls out and busts the girl/guy in the eye. this is to reverse the "bad luck" notion of the number 13.
to change the luck of the irish, tomm o'toole 13ed his girlfriend.
by spicykorean January 01, 2006
the thirteenth letter of the alphabet is M and M is the first letter of marijuana, M is a synonym for Marijuana
Hey i'll give you 20 bucks for 2 grams of 13.
by Joseph July 06, 2004
The number 13 is unlucky for some.
13 is unlucky for some.
by Nachodude4eva December 13, 2005
The track number on Eminem's 3 LPs which contains the vocals of Dina Rae (or however you may spell it).
Cum On Everybody
Drug Ballad
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 21, 2003
the most popular unlucky number for those superstisus ass holes out there....

or tity fucking....(fun!)
by Scrodum December 21, 2002
Probably the most critizced age in history. Despite what you hear, they are not truly teenagers, as they are still in middle school, and cannot get a job, have a myspace, have plastic surgery other than for serious issues, vote(if they live in california), drive(in some states) or have it not be "inappropriate" to watch tv-14 until they are 14.
While many are total dumbasses, they are not all bad. I mean when I was 13 and about 9 or so months I was capable of knowing right from wrong, and didnt let myself conform to anything. But then again, that was late in my 13 and perhaps I grow too fast...so yeah in general almost all 13 year olds dont know what the fuck their talking about. Sure they can go on most websites now, but thats nothing, they might as well lower the age to 10.
IM 13!!! Im invincible!!!!!!!!!!
by Perri C. October 13, 2006
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