A girl that once you bang, you're not sure if you bang again. Like blackjack. Once you get a 13, you're not sure if you would hit it again.
Billy- "That girl had an amazing body, but an ugly face. She's a 13."
John- "Are you going to hit it again?"
Billy- "Nah, probably not."
#girls #boobs #sex #women #poker #friends #the league #vagina #penis #ugly #fat #whore #skank #dirty
by BallZach January 05, 2013
SuR 13 Southern Mexicanos; a gang in Cali, and other places such as in ATL too
Sur 13 Rifa
by L@_§Mµ®F¥¹³ March 21, 2004
The number one of my friends is scared of for some reason
Roy: Hey Gene....13
Gene: Awwww
#13 #thirteen #number #numbers #nmbrs
by roymankato December 01, 2009
Unlucky/Lucky # to most individuals

13th letter of the alphabet is "M" and 13 is usually lucky and unlucky like marijuana...."m" is for marijuana which lucky or in other cases, unlucky
" Dude its Friday the 13th....not sweet man"

" Get me some 13's over here so i can talk a fucking drag...."
#marijuana #lucky #unlucky #number #and random
by Shaun Tafreshi August 11, 2007
Short for 10-13, the NYPD code for 'officer needs assistance.' The call every police officer dreads to hear.
"1-0 Eddie, 10-13 shots fired, corner of 18th & 10th"
by NYPD MOS July 05, 2005
a usually asian card game
2 is the biggest then ace king etc...
you put down combos and try to get rid of your hand
big 2 or 13?
by jkl; September 08, 2003
A great, yet unlucky number
Theres 13 tracks on this cd. it's unlucky!...burn it!
by 13 March 26, 2003
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