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The newest BMW, priced just over a standard 3-series. Equipped with the renown BMW 3.0L naturally aspirated I-6 (inline 6 cylinder) engine, the 128i puts out 230ponies with 200lb-ft torque. Not meant to be a street racer by any means, its near perfect 50-50 weight distribution (49.9-50.1) gives it exceptional handeling in turns. Lacking a limited slip differential (LSD), in order to avoid wheel-spin it uses an onboard computer-based DTC which applies a breaking force to the wheel which is losing traction. The stock sound-system on it, as of 2010, is an alpine system, providing above average quality sound, however lacking in comparison to the BOSE sound-systems available in other vehicles.
"Oh look! A 128i passed me again! Damnit!"
by 1addict April 07, 2010
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