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A woman so hot that you'd be willing to cut your own arm off as portrayed in the film 127 Hours just for the chance to sleep with her.
You: Whoa! Oh my God. Did you see that chick in the red dress coming off the elevator?

Me: Hell yeah, I did! She's a definite 127!


Professional colleague at a business meeting discreetly gets your attention as ridiculously hot administrative assistant enters the room....You flash your fingers 1-2-7 to indicate that yes, she'd be worth losing your arm over. Sexual harrassment lawsuits are no fun but you still have to be able to say what needs to be said.
by PalindromeB September 08, 2011

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cTbZ, <3 forever
Person1: 127
Person2: FOREVER?
Person1: Always and forever baybee, <3
by ctbz4ever May 31, 2009