used in web forums to denote a quote that they entirely agree with 100%. the term "you took the words right of my mouth" comes to mind.

however, because they forums disable spaming by requiring people to type at least 3 characters per post... 123 comes to mind
bob: anarchy sucks

jim : "bob : anarchy sucks"
by jaredong May 19, 2005
Simple, often secret, way of saying I Love You over text or chat, without being too forward
Goodnight! 123!
by *Sparkle*123 August 18, 2010
the numerical version of "abc".
Which means, "simple"

it is often used as a term denoting the word "numbers" or referred to counting

123 is also the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the anything related to numbers or maths.
Do you know 123?

It's as simple as 123
by Nick Karoshi August 04, 2011
The number pushups expected of White prisoners of sufficient health each day, or a number for those who cannot do it to set as a goal. Once completed, the prisoner will "sound off" to let others know he completed the exercise, not just for himself, but his race as well. The sequence is also code for Supreme White Power.
This is Coke sounding off for daily push-up exercise....123! Chorus: Thank You.
by theLegitTapper7 October 26, 2015
Downloading the first three songs of an album to see if you like it before downloading the whole thing.
I 123'd the new Flaming Lips album but didn't like it enough to download the whole thing.
by Johnny B23 January 12, 2010
the first numbers you learn in your early childhood.
one two three four five...
by Akuneko the Sly August 04, 2004
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