Someone who is 12 years old.
Fuck you, inaccurate definitions about 12 year olds.
by Anubis the Death God April 03, 2016
A scotch whisky that has been aged in the barrel at least 12 years.
Aging of Scotch takes place in an oak cask, which is charred inside before being filled. Over the years, the whisky seeps in and out of the charcoal. This filters it, mellowing it, and gives it the caramel color (charred wood, like charred sugar, produces caramel, both being of similar chemical composition.)
Once the scotch is bottled the aging stops.
If you have a bottle of scotch which was distilled in 1944 and bottled in 1956, you have a bottle of 12 year old scotch.

When my roommate from college came to town we reminisced over a bottle of 12 year old.
A person that isn't 13 yet. Even though they might be better than you at some things, they're 12 and not 13 so you can make fun of them. They're 12 and not a teen and you can have fun with that anytime you want.
12 year old: Hey, wanna watch a movie?
Teen: Dude, it's PG-13...
12 year old: But-
Teen: 12 YEAR OLD, HAHA!
by Da Interwebz January 29, 2015
someone who constantly uses internet abbreviations in daily conversation
12 year old: "SMH ROFL LAFBO."
Normal person: "She's such a 12 year old."
by qwertyujkl December 14, 2010
An age where kids don't want to be kids, even though pricing at movie theaters and most restaurants says that still are, and their mentality is child-like.
"I wanna seeeejqp Innn da Miggz, one TWELVE." Wiggadawgshit sticks out his chest, showing he is NOT a child. "One twelve" is the way for a 12 year old to order a child's ticket...
by Name-42 December 20, 2005
A masturbation MASTER, masturbates almost every night also girls finger themselves
Teacher:Stop spewing ur cum on Rachael!!!
Boy(12 year old):Sorry Teach want some???
Teacher:SURE right in my mouth plz
Boy(12 year old):*cums in her mouth*
Rachael(12 year old):*cries* I wanted that!!!
by Riku_Fucker(Sora) February 12, 2007

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