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When doing something that causes physical,mental,or spiritual filth that far exceeds the very bowels of Hell(EX:Stan Lee selling Marvel Comics to the Corporation of Disney)... you must embark...the 12 hour shower. The action of taking a shower that last 12 hours, no more, and no less. For the ceremony to actually start you have to be in the shower for at least 2 hours prior. For if you embark on this journey of self revelation and stop the shower before 12 hours,you will explode in a flaming bag of poo and turn into a crippled rabbit. If you are in the shower for more than 12 hours, you will die right there, and in the after life you will have to listen to Ke$ha non stop. Only the most keenest of minds, the strongest of willpower,and the strength of Hercules can take on this task of Gods. It takes more than a century of training in several disciplines to accoplish this goal. So, do you think you have the balls?
Woman 1: "I was just rapped by Mickey Mouse. Time for a 12 hour shower."

Man 1: "I just watched the end of 'The Green Mile'. Time for a 12 hour shower."

Transvestite Alien: "I just saw the end of 'Alien vs Predator' and have lost my faith in my religion of scientoglogy. Time for a 12 hour shower."
by Kane Chitty July 09, 2014
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