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The main point of insult on the Internet. Due to the stereotypical immaturity of a 12-year-old, most trolls and idiots on the internet are commonly attacked and named 12 year olds. Most people judge someone's 12-ness on the amount of 'ZOMG's in a sentence, their amusement at an overused meme or a bad word. They are also supposedly supposed to enjoy joining in with the 'grown-up' stuff such as rickrolling, chatroulette, omegle, and vandalising wikipedia, as well as more serious things such as boasting their feigned use of cannabis or 'weed' as most call it. Fortunately, this stereotype is not always correct, as some 12-year-olds are actually relatively intelligent. But that's another story...specifically for the nerd, boff, boffin, dork and geek definitions.
Uninformed individual: Freakin' 12 year olds.
by I Define The Internet June 09, 2010
A 12 year old is simply a person who is 12. Maturity has nothing to do with it. I'm 12, and I cannot even begin to describe the hate I receive every day for something I can't control. Ridiculing someone for being 12 is like insulting someone for their sexuality - you're degrading them for something they can't control.
I am not an immature little asshole.
So, if you hate on 12 year olds just to make your pathetic little life seem slightly plausible, then kindly pull your head out of your ass before it gets stuck.
Person 1: OMFG 12 year olds are so stupid! I hope they all rot in hell.
Person 2: I hope you jump off a cliff.
by pinnocking November 23, 2014
What most 14 and 15 year olds, and some 16 year olds on MySpace are really are. You can tell a 12 year old on MySpace when you see the girl is 14, but the profile don't look like a 14 year old's profile. It usually has popular MTV like music on there, and you see lots of sevvie looking layouts such as pink and black, happy bunny, glitter graphics, pictures of the thong over bed, and so on. And not to mention god awful makeup on the myspace kid with basically god-awful skills with Photoshop.
14 year old: Oh boy, finally somebody my age to talk to on line and she looks hott.
12 year old: I am really 12.
14 year old: You're fucking too young to be on MySpace. Get your fucking ass off of myspace and get a motherfucking life... I'm reporting you to Tom you hoe!!
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007
A 12 year old is a person, Who as much as they think they are an adult, are not. Sometimes they are very smart, sometimes not so much. Despite this, they are known as "Stupid, Immature idiots" With some people, this is true, but some, it's the opposite. As a 12 year old, my friends consume Instagram with their meaningless reposts, pointless selfies, incorrect spelling and grammar (What do they think the red underline is for?) I like to think of myself as not fitting into the stereotype of 12 year olds. I'm not loud, I like literature, I'm smart, I get A, A+, teachers like me, and yet I'm not a nerd and still fairly popular. People my age are never going to improve, and we have to accept that. Don't hate us, not all of us are dumb. You could even have a proper conversation with some of us!
Dumb 12 Year Olds:
Girl 1: hey did u see that song?

Girl 2: ya it was asm!!!!!!

My comment On that:
A) How did they know they were thinking of the same somg?
B) I've never "seen" a song before. I've heard one, but this girl is talking about a TOTALY different thing!

Me and My Friends

Me: **Reads**
Friend: **Gets to school**
Me: **Without looking up from book** "Hey"

Friend *+Sits down and reads** "Hey"

My comment:
A)This is about the first 5 seconds of my school day. My life is not boring and my books are 500 Pages. Not 50. Also, they are age-appropriate.
B) I have more friends
C) I'm not really the one to be writing any of this because I'm in the "Smart" Class, so I'm kind of separated from the rest of my age other than 14 people.

Thanks For Reading :) If there is some way to reply to me about this, like Direct Message, or just comments, do so! If not and you want to reply to this, Email me at:
by Intelligenttwelvie June 24, 2014
a term for the people ruining this website, the one you are currently on.

showing immaturity and obvious ignorance, just like your average 12 year old child.

the type of person who would go to a "spencer's" gift store, look at the personal massagers/vibrators and "love toys", giggle, then run away.

for more information see ud
customer: oh my god did you see the dildos over there? hehe hehe

annoyed employee: damn 12 year old
by my no dues p December 10, 2008
People who are aging and go through puberty; They can't help their age.
12 year olds have bloody vaginas and hard dicks too, you know.
"I'm a 12 year old."

"hAH get the fuck off the internet, twat."
by 凛 星空 April 12, 2015
1.A kid that doesn't want to be a kid. Typically in 6th or 7th grade. They are babies in real life that make themselves look stupid by trying to act mature. To remedy this, they go on myspace, youtube, urban dictionary, etc. and act like gangstas. 50%of their vocabulary used is "Your mom.", while the other 50% is trying (and failing) to insult other people. They also masturbate alot.

2.The kind of people that pollute myspace, yotube, and other 13 or older webites, thus turning them into a pile of crap filled with wannabe gangsters and tantrum-throwing babies.
12 year old: "I don't wanna be a kid mom! 7th grade sucks!"
Mom:"Watch your language young man!"
12 year old: *Runs up to his room throwing a tantrum*
Mom and Dad (simultaneously) "Heh heh heh! kids!"
12 year old: "YOUR MOM! WAAAAAAAA!" *fap fap fap*

Bill: Damn, there are too many 12 year olds on runescape!
Steve: I agree, lets go outside and play football.
Bill: Ok!
by John Hargrave May 20, 2009
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