A girl that is hot and underaged, non legal. Pre-teen that looks/dresses like an older teen.
I almost did it with her at the party, but I found out she was a fucking 11teen.
by bigbee January 05, 2007
Top Definition
An age to describe someone who is young, annooying, and immature.
Ya-"bobby likes pokemon"
Me-"that shits for 11teen year olds"
A kid who hasn't gone through puberty and acts as if they were a teenager.

Most, if not, all 11teens are still in elementary school.

A young girl influenced by modern fashion magazines and media icons.
Matt - "Did you see all those 11teen year olds at the mall the other day?"

Mark - "Those kids grow up too fast, those boys are too young to drive and those girls are too young to have sex"

Matt - "What a flicked up world"
by Black ANBU April 30, 2007
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