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The "112th Terrace Thugz" are a local suburban gang in Ensenada, FL. They are most active on the eastern side of Ensenada on the long street known as 112th terrace. (Where they originated and got there name.) They were biggest and most active from 2005-2008, with a membership of about 60 people during those years. It is a mostly black gang, but has some hispanics and whites; but not alot. Due to lack of organization and structure, they shrunk after 2008. They aren't as big as they used to be. There rivals are some smaller local gangs, like the "Ensenada Kingz".
Stay away from the "112th Terrace Thugz", they are bad ass.

Don't walk on east 112th terrace, thats the turf of the "112th Terrace Thugz".
by Tayroll October 26, 2011