A term used in Disney World to mean an attraction has broken down.

Also used to describe an intoxicated state.
Space Mountain is officially 101.

I'm going to party until I'm 101!
by AshGashBegash April 19, 2006
A HUGE line of cocaine.
"Damn I am so amped!!!! We've been doing 101's all night!"
by seussb_d April 08, 2006
Computer games store in UK staffed by raging queens.
Geoff at 101 has been shagging boys again behind the counter.
by Commie March 27, 2003
Someone/something with very few friends
- Math is fun

- You're a 101!
by ErrorMaster March 10, 2004
a term that people use in place of the famous acronym 'lol' becuase some people agree that it's starting to get annoying. so please i urge everyone to use this instead of lol.
we all agree that lol is annoying...101
by Zakwitt August 15, 2005
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