Term used for a three-some mainly with two guys and one girl.
"Oh my God. Did you hear about that slut Erika?"
"What happened?"
"She had a 101"
by Muhammah January 24, 2009
another term for 1-on-1.
Let's go play some 101
by Strandkrone January 21, 2007
101 (the new LOL)
* 101 was originally created by Steve Appell, who hails from the MIA. This intelligent young man coined this term in the summer of 2009, and since then it has been used by thousands of Americans to replace "LOL".
* If you are currently using "LOL" in text messages, e-mails, or just in your daily life....you should stop! Its totes magotes 2008.
That is so funny, 101
by 101 Meow Meow November 14, 2010
funky shopping and awesome mexican food in a northern san diego city called encinitas
Hey lets go hang out on 101 and go to moonlight beach!
by lizzzi March 01, 2006
eloganted form of oneone
one love
holla back at your boy, 101
by plush puppy September 24, 2004
In need of some steamy hot sex. 8===D
"I'm desperate for some 101 right about now nigga"
by Nicki_Minaj September 10, 2011
A term used in Disney World to mean an attraction has broken down.

Also used to describe an intoxicated state.
Space Mountain is officially 101.

I'm going to party until I'm 101!
by AshGashBegash April 19, 2006

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