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1 o'clock syndrome is when a person stays up on their laptop later than one o'clock just looking at funny pictures and having random discussions on Facebook. As the subject's condition progresses headaches, upset stomachs and even paranoia may occur. In the final stages of 1 o'clock syndrome the subject will become extremely bored, too tired to do much yet not tired enough to go to sleep and will resort to watching My little Pony friendship is magic for two or more hours however the subject will reject being a brony.
"You sleep well last night?"
"Nah I had mega 1 o'clock syndrome."
"How so?"
"I thought demons accompanied by Dracula were stalking me and I ended up watching seven episodes of my little pony to pass the time."
"Lol I didn't know you were a brony."
"F*ck you I ain't no brony."
by Rainbowdash<3!!!!!! April 11, 2012

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