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1- Dialing code used for the majority of the Birmingham area.

2- Rhyming slang used by one of my sad bastard telephone engineer mates to replace the phrase 'do one'
"I've finished work now, so i'm gonna 0121"

"This guy asked for a free phone extension, so I told him to 0121"
by Mattclarke83 July 19, 2005
The area code of Birmingham, UK.
Everyone who lives in Birmingham has a phone number starting with 0121.
by Greg March 20, 2005
0121.... Do one.
Often used by the chav population given when asked for ones phone number.
"Can i have your number?"
Sure!... Its "0121.... do one"
by ZachDawglol August 03, 2012
The beginning of the landline of anybody unfortunate enough to live in Birmingham.

Also sounds like 'go and do one'
Twat 1: Oy oy mate!
Twat 2: 0121... ya twat
by Lyon Daniels June 18, 2016
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