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0.0 is pretty much identical to O.O so it is a matter of personal preference which one is used.

There may be one or two occasions where this version is used purposefully to represent an animal with narrow eyes.
Me: You're not escaping my claws this time!
You: 0.0
by RestrainedRaptor November 02, 2006
A term sterotypically used by the emo group. It is often added to items such as an email adress. Found frequently on Bebo and MySpace and used in MSN names. Pronounced 'Zero Zero' or 'oh oh'.
Bebo name:
Julia May <cowonthemoon00>
Emma Heweson <embog00>

by Peter1122 October 18, 2006
The lowest you can hit.
"Life is like landing on double zero"

Less than zero but greater than a minus value
by 00 March 13, 2003
My friend wears glasses. *nodnod* I like to wear them. Dey're kewl but I already have 20-20 vision and they're expensive. =(
by meh October 27, 2004
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